Lifetime Warranty

US PeaceKeeper stands behind our products through our lifetime warranty on any defect in manufacturing or workmanship. If a manufacturing defect is present, US PeaceKeeper will repair or replace the product, at no cost to the customer providing proof of purchase.

Exclusions and Limitations

In general, the warranty provides coverage for defects in workmanship. US PeaceKeeper products are not warrantied when the product is damaged due to normal wear, excessive use, mis-use or abuse, product modification, or due to lack of proper maintenance. US PeaceKeeper reserves the right to determine whether replacement is warrantied.

Replacement product is eligible for the 48 Contiguous U.S. States. However for the U.S. States excluded in replacement product, a credit memo will be issued.

To be considered under warranty, all of the following conditions must be met:

  • The product was used according to the accepted environmental guidelines.
  • The product must not have been subject to mis-use, alteration, unauthorized repair.
  • Original owner
    Requesting Warranty Status

    To request the warranty status of any US PeaceKeeper product, please contact us and provide the product model number, the name of the re-seller or distributor that you purchased the product and a photo of the defect. You can contact us via phone 909.606.8836, fax 909.606.8838 or email

    US PeaceKeeper is committed to providing the highest quality products.


    Guidelines for US PeaceKeeper Warranty

    Defect in Manufacturing or Workmanship

    1. Missing zipper tooth on new products
    2. Zipper separates due to the two parts of the zipper not being symmetrical to each other
    3. Zipper pull that runs off the track
    4. Zipper pull that breaks off from zipper (many time the zipper pull will come out and just needs to be placed back into the zipper and pinched down with a plier)
    5. Seam that is not sewn completely (seam splits showing a straight edge, no fabric fraying)
    6. Stitching defect that inhibits your ability to use the product
    7. Missing parts of the product


    Mis-use or Normal Wear and Tear

    1. Seam that has a frayed edge (fabric is pulled out of the seam by force)
    2. Fabric is worn through on certain products such as been dragged on the ground, i.e. range bag
    3. Too large or sharp objects that rubs or cut through the protective PVC fabric and create hole(s)
    4. Product is hung on a hook where the weight of the contents causes a crack in the protective PVC causing fabric to become worn
    5. Handles (shoulder strap or wrap-around handles) get hooked on an immovable object where webbing is torn away from bag or case
    6. Rips and tears caused by pets chewing or clawing on the products
    7. Jagged-edged tear (straight edge tears indicate a manufacturing defect where jagged tears indicate a rip)
    8. Melted fabric caused by excessive heat
    9. Fabric ripped caused by other object
    10. Damaged caused by transportation company
    11. Discoloration of the bag due to normal wear and tear
    12. Products that have had alterations
    13. Using unauthorized part(s) in conjunction with an US PeaceKeeper product
    14. Damages caused by solvents or cleaning liquids
    15. Rips and tears due to overloading and excess weight
    16. Broken zipper or missing zipper tooth caused by another object
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