E-Gift Certificate 

Gift certificates can also be received mail. 

Instructions to redeem US PeaceKeeper gift certificate

At time of checkout, please use the gift certificate code and enter into the discount box.

Using gift card plus a special offer

If you are using a special discount monthly offer and gift certificate code, please call the office 873.732.2303 or 909.606.8836. You are allowed to use both, but the website can handle only one code at a time.

Remaining balance on the gift certificate

Each gift certificate is for a one-time use. However, if you have a credit remaining, please call the office an electronic gift certificate with a new code will be issued for the remaining amount.

Expiration Date

All gift certificates have an expiration date, strictly for accounting purposes. However, this date can be extended. Please contact the US PeaceKeeper office.

Any further questions, you can contact us via phone 909.606.8836, fax 909.606.8838 or email at sales@uspeacekeeper.com.


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