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The US PeaceKeeper EDC backpack was designed in response to the need for transporting Concealed Carry Weapons and Every Day Carry items in a discreet manner, as well as work and personal items. Blending almost invisibly with modern urban packs and bags, it utilizes thick, padded backpack straps, with an additional sternum strap, for comfortable carry and weight distribution. 

Front, bottom pocket and main compartment pockets have a combination of soft loop and webbing to accommodate Molle and hook & loop compatible accessories with full-fillet opening for quick access. Top opening allows access into main compartment without opening the main compartment zipper.

Pack has back, padded CCW pocket with removable firearm and magazine holster. Rear compartment contains pocket for a 13" laptop or hard armor plate. Top front pocket is designed to hold electronics with fleece-lined pockets. Pack offers multiple netted zippered pockets for quick-find items, like medical supplies. Deep, cinch-top water bottle pockets on both sides of pack. It's a must have for your every day carry need. 

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Rear, padded CCW pocket with removable firearm holster and magazine holster
  • Front, bottom pocket and main compartment with full-fillet opening for quick access. Pockets have a combination of soft loop and webbing for all MOLLE and hook & loop compatible accessories
  • Zipper opening into main compartment allows access to contents without opening the entire main compartment
  • Reinforced & padded 13” laptop pocket or hard armor plate pocket
  • Fleece-lined open pockets for electronics
  • Deep, cinch-top water bottle pockets
  • Mesh pockets for quick-find items like medical supplies
  • Adjustable holster & pistol magazine straps are included

    Size: 12.5"l x 18"h x 6"d Weight: 3.8 lbs Color: Urban Grey   Imported

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        Customer Reviews

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        Terry Lorance
        EDC Backpack

        Very well designed and built. This is my second PeaceKeeper product but it won't be my last!

        Matthew K.
        All boxes checked on this bag!

        I can't wait to spread the word about this bag. I have been heavily researching a replacement EDC backpack after my Tru-Spec zippers failed to the point of disrepair. It met most of my needs but still wasn't perfect. I'm so glad I found US PeaceKeeper and took the time to research their products. They don't waste space with a dozen pen pockets, small sleeves that won't fit anything, or useless dangling spare key tethers. They give you two big dump pouches on each side (genius), very spacious main compartments, smartly placed velcro/MOLLE combo material, and large netted pockets all throughout. They generously provide a velcro pistol and mag pouch that can attach to the inside of four different pockets (including small of the back) so you get to choose what's best for you. Also, the pistol pouch is actually a usable size and shape to account for light bearing handguns! Almost nobody is doing that right now or they give you a pouch that tapers so tight that you can barely get a the muzzle end of a Glock 43 in it without a light. It's so intelligently designed that I could go on and on. I also noticed when reviewing my home surveillance at night that this bag has a very low IR signature. Let me say it's a relief to have options for carrying my firearm. The ONLY negative is it's made in China but it seems like everything is these days. Oh well... At least it seems to be constructed of good materials, solid stitching, and decent zippers. Plus they back you with a lifetime warranty that hopefully I won't have to use.


        I have been researching bags for about one year and had my eye on a Vanquest Falconer 30. I saw this bag about 2 months ago and was hesitant because no one had reviewed the bag. After carrying this bag for a few weeks, I am blown away at just how practical this really is in my day to day life. This is my EDC and I have been carrying my Witness-P 1911 9mm everyday in this bag. This bag is sturdy and the pictures on the website DO NOT do it justice! The bag is larger than I had hoped and the pockets are deeper than was imagining. I would put this bag right up there with Vanquest or Maxpedition. My only dislike on this bag would be the zipper pulls. The pulls are generic and slipped out of the zipper head my first use. I have replaced the pulls and I am very happy with the bag. You can't beat the price and the quality.

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